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Z from the 80’s.
Photo By: J.Y Photo

That boy Neuroskin and his 85 turbo.

                                                F O R   S A L E

Helping out my friend sell his S2000. The car is in pretty good condition at 113k mileage. This car is used as his daily and it runs great! It was also signed by the designer of the car, Shigeru Uehara. Asking $15,000!

The list of mods he has done to this car is:

Berk headers and test pipe

Tein monoflex suspension

Xxr 531 17x9+35 all around

Ss braided brake lines

Stop tech brake rotors and ceramic pads

Spoon style top strut bar w/ xbrace

Gp metal works battery and brake covers

Koyorad radiator

Megan axel spacers

Spoon shift knob

Car has also been driven by the famous that911!!

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