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Car scene is a fucking joke now

Everyone talks about growing up with cars and how they love the mechanics of it and what not.

If you did, than you’d understand that the culture was about not being like another. Standing out, being different, expressing yourself in the work of your car. Everyone grew up with the ricer days. You can’t deny it. If you’ve watched Fast and Furious series, and you claim that it’s been a big influence on your car life. You grew up with excessive amounts of useless aero, 15 speeds, and a big GT wing. They were all unique cars, performance, show-case, or just built to prove that products can live up to their name.

Nowadays its just copying someone else’s build, but changing the color of the car. Or just running the same setup overall with different bucket seats. It’s fucking weak as hell. There’s nothing unique anymore. Any car that’s been featured or has spread all over the internet has been hated on left and right because a few people don’t understand that it’s not about you, it’s about the person who built the car. If you want to copy someone else’s build, it goes to show how much of a special cookie you are with 2 chocolate chips for eyes.

To those who just hate on the stance scene because they’re all rocking super negative camber and laying frame, saying it’s terrible for performance, and renders the car practically useless. Well, that sucks. Because you’re not going to stop the scene, and it’s never going to die out.

"Speed is for the moment. Style is forever." - Daggersx

And sorry to break it to you. But if it renders the car useless to the point where it’s not performing the way you want it to. Tough shit, that just means you need to polish up your driving skills. Because if there are people out there doing it and still being able to play the game, then it’s not rendered useless.

And don’t give me no failure shit from lack of traction or shredded exhausts and piping under the car. Because a car will break on you any part given, it doesn’t matter if you take care of it or not. It’ll happen unexpectedly at any given time. Performance or stance, whatever floats your boat.

oni camber or die


(by Denn-Ice)